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Lia Ices, Jack River, David Johansen, Jane Siberry, Martha Wainwright, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Sandy Bell, Matt Johnson, Clem Snide, Jamie Leonhart, Chris Moore, Sherman Ewing, The East Village Opera Company, David Garrett, Dave Doobinin and Skywriter, Edison Woods, Scrapomatic, Schiavo, Josh Joplin, Garrison Starr, Among the Oak and Ash, Bob Sharkey, The Brooklyn Rundfunk Orchestrata, Morgan Taylor's Rock Band (MTRG), Jennifer Jackson, The Blue Man Group, Sharief Hobley and Burgundy, Greg DiGesu and Fisherman's Stew, Spring Awakening, The Orion Experience, Sara Lyons,.


Producing, Mixing, Engineering, Arranging, Synths, (and more drumming)...

Chris Moore, Community Service, Drawing Room Records, 2015.  Production, Mixer and Drummer on Whole Album. 

 Dave Doobinin, The Left Side, 2015.   Produced, Mixed, Drums, Percussion, Synths whole album.    Purchase here:   

Dave Doobinin, The Left Side, 2015.  Produced, Mixed, Drums, Percussion, Synths whole album.

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Sandy Bell, When I Leave Ohio, 2014.  Produced, Wrote String, Horn, Woodwinds Arrangements, Percussion, Guitars, Synths and Keys (except "Autopsy"), Drums on 1 track.  Mixed by Mike McCarthy.

And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, "World's Apart", Interscope Records, 2005, Drums - 1 Track; Percussion - 7 tracks.

Sandy Bell, The Good Daughter, Storm Records UK, 2004, Drums - All songs. 

Brooklyn Rundfunk Orchestrata, 'The Hills Are Alive", Canal Records, 2011.  Played Drums/Percussion on 8 tracks.  

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David Garrett Rock Symphonies, Decca Universal, 2010. Drummer on 17 Tracks.  

East Village Opera Company, Olde School, Decca Universal, 2008, Drums Whole Album. Nominated for Grammy 2009.  

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Vic Firth has helps me out with me sticks and such..  Schlagwerk provides me with some great percussion instruments.  Hart Dynamics helps me out with Electronic drums and such.  Ableton and Native Instruments have been super kind with their software...